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Pilgrimage To Sephora

What’s a redneck to do in New York City?  Certainly not buying taco sauce!  Nosirree – not when there are perfume stores to visit!  Actually, I was looking for something completely different (like Starbucks and Kinokuniya) when I spotted Sephora near Times … Continue reading

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You Might Be A Redneck If…

NOTE ADDED IN 2016: This may well be my favorite fragrance post of all time.  The utter joy of fragrance, experienced by five different groups of people, in the same gas station bathroom.  It was also one of my most liberating … Continue reading

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Hitler Scent-Bombed in Kansas

You’ll really have to stay with me on this one. Who among us would not, if it were only possible, go back in time and kick old Adolph in the butt?  Well, even though we can’t change history, we can … Continue reading

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This Is Your Brain On Musks

One of the joys of being a redneck perfumisto male scientist is that I can enjoy the two languages of scent – the sciencey nerd stuff of the overly male geek world, and the literary emotional stuff of the overly female … Continue reading

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Scent Boys Get The Axe

  Fragrance makes for strange bedfellows.  Who would think that there was an axis of odor linking these people… little old ladies wearing nuclear florals, capable of taking out an entire bank of elevators in a 1-floor ride overcologned rednecks … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Nards

Thanks to a nice post by Salon Aesthetica, I was tipped off to this interesting scent – L’Eau de Jatamansi.  I just got my bottle, pictured (and quite NIB).  It comes with a nice refillable “purse-sized” spray bottle (also pictured) … Continue reading

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Smells Like Columbus, Ohio

There was a WAY TOO SHORT fragrance article in the local metro mag today.  Only a page if you pull out the pictures, and that’s being rather generous.  You can look at the web version here.  It’s mostly about women’s … Continue reading

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Hillary – The Perfume

And Barack Obama?  And John McCain?  No, you’re not dreaming.  Three new scents have just arrived!  Yes, folks, it’s Presidential Perfumes!  I read about them in this newspaper article.  Sure, the scents themselves undoubtedly fall a bit short of French … Continue reading

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Allure Homme: Aging Gracefully, But Aging

As I was going through the Cologne Drawer today, looking for something different, I saw my old bottle of Allure Homme (EdT), by Chanel. Not having worn it in a while, I tried to recall the scent. Ah, yes. I remembered … Continue reading

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Why, what redneck wouldn’t like both the Travis Tritt song AND the cheap 1970’s aftershave? Well – here is a link to the original story in Time Magazine, back in 1971. A buddy of mine used to love this stuff … Continue reading

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