Allure Homme: Aging Gracefully, But Aging

As I was going through the Cologne Drawer today, looking for something different, I saw my old bottle of Allure Homme (EdT), by Chanel.
Not having worn it in a while, I tried to recall the scent. Ah, yes. I remembered a nice, peppery, slightly tobacco-like aroma. I don’t even remember where the bottle came from, exactly, but I remember enjoying the tobacco notes, having once been an evil smoker myself (Yes, I know. The Horror!) I was a bit curious about the color of the liquid in the
bottle. It seemed just a bit light. Not a lot, but it seemed just a bit changed, somehow. And when I tried it on, I noticed something immediately – the nice tobacco fragrance was seriously diminished from what I had earlier recalled. A bit disappointed, I waited to see how it fared during the day, but I regret to inform everybody that the scent was definitely weakened.


Now, I must tell you, I’m a bit finicky about how I store my perfumes. They are ALWAYS in the dark – typically in the box (bottom cut out), if out on the counter, but otherwise in the drawer. Still, it is important to note that I bought this bottle near the debut, which was in 1999.

So, it’s probably about 8 years old. While whiskey doesn’t lose much in the glass over years, I’m afraid that this stuff did. And it appears to have accelerated in the last couple of years.

I guess I’ll just have to use it more often, and perhaps just a bit more of it. On the
other hand, it seems that light scents are still rather hip, so maybe it’s a good thing. But I can tell you that some of my other fragrances are still going strong after even longer periods in the bottle. And, in the case of Givenchy Gentleman (an old classic, from the days when I started moving up from Hai Karate), I really believe that it just gets better with time.

Chemically speaking, I’m curious what the “weak link” in my bottle of Allure Homme was. Perhaps somebody out there has an idea.

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