Hillary – The Perfume

And Barack Obama?  And John McCain?  No, you’re not dreaming.  Three new scents have just arrived!  Yes, folks, it’s Presidential Perfumes!  I read about them in this newspaper article.  Sure, the scents themselves undoubtedly fall a bit short of French aromatic poetry, and the bottles aren’t exactly sculptures, but at $25.00 for two ounces…   Think of it as three new niche scents.  Who said politics doesn’t stink?  All kidding aside, the lady is a fellow perfumista.
  Power to ya, baby!!!   Here’s a picture from her website!
Check out the advertised scents (verbatim from the web site):
2 ounces of Perfume in a glass atomizer with silver tone spray and dust cap.

Fragrances are as follows:

*HILLARY – A Champion for Women. Ready to Start on Day One! Strong and clean, delicate floral blend of jasmine, violet, rose and sheerest musk.

*BARACK – Change you can believe in and a fragrance to match. Clean citrusy notes of Bergamot and musk will energize you.

*JOHN – The “Ace” from the Straight Talk Express. Clean notes of Bergamot, Water Lily, Lavender woven with cool greens and frosty musk.

I mean, who can resist those?  I’m sorely tempted to get Barack, even though as a redneck, I’ll likely wear John to the polls in November.  And if I get Hillary, I can use her to play tricks on my conservative friends – like spraying their coats or their cars with it when they’re not looking!

Of course, if I was formulating my own Hillary, here’s what I’d use:

  • Dead rose petals from when Bill tried to apologize
  • Blue dress color for that cool Hillary visual thing
  • Musty scent of manilla folders in a car trunk
  • Powdery scent of white latex paint, puffing from a wall when hit by a thrown lamp
  • Spicy mace (incendiary variety, grown organically on a ranch in Texas)
  • Icy mint
  • White lilly and vanilla
  • Indole notes of “old shoe” liberal

On second thought, I’m just gonna buy some Barack and hope for the best…


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