Why, what redneck wouldn’t like both the Travis Tritt song AND the cheap 1970’s aftershave? Well – here is a link to the original story in Time Magazine,
back in 1971. A buddy of mine used to love this stuff – and would
borrow from my bottle all the time. Actually, it was a bottle that my
dad had bought, but he didn’t like it, and gave it to me. “Far out!”,
as we said back then. Little did he know that this bottle of spicy
green liquid would someday result in this here blog.I couldn’t find a picture of “Trouble”, but I did find one of “Hai Karate”. Enjoy the time warp.


Hai-Karaté.  This stuff was actually not all that and a bag of chips.  Brut was far superior.

SOME TIME LATER (as in 2016) – I was eventually able to get a hold of a bottle of Trouble on evilBay, taking care to purchase something that had all the slight features of the real bottle and juice, minimal decomposition (had clearly been in a dark drawer or medicine cabinet), and nearly full.  Not to mention a good price.  It looked very much like the picture below, of a similar bottle, with slightly less juice.

My first sniff told me the secret – it smells like both Brut and Hai Karaté – typical mossy green fougères of the time – but there is a distinct spiciness, peppery texture and BEESWAX that makes it smell decidedly like Chanel Antaeus.  There may have even been some authentic sandalwood oil in it.

The amazing thing is this:  Antaeus didn’t hit the market until 1981.  So – more or less – Mennen Trouble was a decade ahead of its time.  And THIS is part of the reason that so many guys seem to be looking for this HTF classic.

For those who want to smell it without resorting to a vintage hunt, let me suggest layering YSL Jazz with Chanel Antaeus.  That should get you close to what Trouble was all about.  If not into actual Trouble.


Mennen Trouble.  This stuff actually WAS all that and a bag of chips.  It was Brut meets Antaeus in the drug store shaving aisle.

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