The Scent of Silicone

My first night reading two new books about the fragrance industry and what happens? Redneck disaster! The wife’s shower busts a big leak, and we have a waterfall in the old log cabin. There’s no need to fear- silicone caulk is here! Unfortunately, RePo Man forgot to poke the little hole in the front of the cartridge, so it blows out the back.
And this stuff ain’t the cheap stuff, either. Well, by the time I get things halfway fixed, the damn stuff is everywhere, and the bathroom is stinkin’ to high heaven with eau de hexamethyldisilazane. Supposedly the stuff gives off methanol and ammonia as it cures, but I was mostly getting a lot of acetic acid. There are some more interesting notes underneath, but I can’t place ’em.
Anyway, a good washing up with the wife’s kitchen soap, and it’s just a hint of patchouli now. And the silver/gold wedding ring is real shiny after getting nailed with the stuff – probably due to amines and ammonia.
Hopefully I’ll get to read my books tomorrow. Lot’s more fun. I’ll get back to some REAL fragrances.


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