Revenge of the Nards


Thanks to a nice post by Salon Aesthetica, I was tipped off to this interesting scent – L’Eau de Jatamansi.  I just got my bottle, pictured (and quite NIB).  It comes with a nice refillable “purse-sized” spray bottle (also pictured) with a cloth bag and a metal funnel – perfect for stowing in the old laptop bag or backpack (sorry – rednecks can’t use purses, although my hip bag is sometimes mistaken for one by my fellow bubbas).  I’ll do a review after a few more uses, but I have to admit that I already love it.  As noted elsewhere, EDJ is a bit light and loses power in just a few hours, but I think that the distinctive spikenard note jumps out at me for most of the day, and makes it one of those “sharp/light” scents that I tend to like.  Unfortunately, the wife finds it only of historical interest, thinking that the scent reminds her of Indian restaurants and ’70’s head shops (which I think is totally unfair – it’s definitely NOTHING like patchouli or sandal, IMHO).  In fact, she’s surprised that her admired Romans would find such a scent attractive at all.  But I can easily see how the same spikenard smell – which she says “grabs her in the throat” – would be so intriguing.  It’s just plain different, and very nice.  At first I was afraid that it wasn’t really a “unisex” scent, but after a few hours on the skin, it was clearly not too dainty for my tastes.  It’s not “Pi”, but it’s easily comparable in overall strength with the lighter Hugo Boss scents – and just as suitable for similar wear, in my opinion.

I also got some nice samples from L’Artisan Parfumeur.  So many samples – so little time!

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