Pilgrimage To Sephora


What’s a redneck to do in New York City?  Certainly not buying taco sauce!  Nosirree – not when there are perfume stores to visit!  Actually, I was looking for something completely different (like Starbucks and Kinokuniya) when I spotted Sephora near Times Square.  Seeing this as my opportunity to actually test out a bunch of high-end colognes and perfumes, I had a field day.  I picked up a gift for the wife (Bvlgari pour Femme) and a smaller one for myself (Terre d’Hermes), and I also met a ***WONDERFUL*** sales associate, who is also a big fan of Jean-Claude Ellena.  Seeing that I had bought her favorite men’s fragrance (T.d’H), I explained that I had given it a lot of competition, but found it the most interesting of the 15-20 men’s fragrances I had tested.  It was – in exactly the same way that Robert McKee describes a film audience’s hope and desire in a great film – what I expected, but in an unexpected way.  It is supposed to be “earthy” and “woody” – and it is.  But it is completely unexpected to me.  I just couldn’t get enough of it.  I just kept trying it and trying it over and over.  That’s when I realized that THIS was the one to plunk down money on.  I had high hopes for a few others, but they just didn’t thrill me.  Polo Explorer seemed slightly interesting, as I am a big fan of the whole Polo franchise, but it was just one more minor variation on the familiar peppery Polo theme.  No – I’ll get that later.

Back to the story – this super saleslady also turned me on to the “Jardin” scents as potential buys for the wife.  She was so right!  I think that my wife would really like “Un Jardin en Mediterranee” – it’s close to some of her favorites.  And I myself REALLY enjoyed “Un Jardin sur le Nil“.  Since these are both “unisex” scents, maybe we could even share!  But in any case, “Nil” is now on my “wish list”….


The only question – can I keep from going back and buying out the place?  Scent addiction – I tell you, it’s as bad as gambling.  Yes, just like Gene Wilder, drunk in the gutter with a bottle of Woolite, so they will find me, warming myself on a park bench, clutching my bottle of Eau d’Jatamansi.

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