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! Pinky’s Up !

Well, it pretty much had to happen.  A slippery slope of evil.  First they legalized absinthe – again.  Presumably the Beelzebub of the Demon Rum Family is now to be considered rather tame in the face of meth and modern … Continue reading

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The ≠ Company = Nothing But Trouble

Call me Snake.  As in “water snake”.  Yeah.  That’s me.  “Snake” Waters.  I’m not a killer.  I’m not poisonous.  I’m just bitey, stinky, and common.  But I’ve got something you ain’t got, buddy.  I’ve got musk.  My own, friggin’ musk.  … Continue reading

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What? No Chococat?

One of the great things about being a member of is that you learn so much.  For instance, who would have guessed that Hello Kitty has a fragrance?  And that it may actually be better than some of the … Continue reading

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Don’t Axe Her ‘Bout Those Pesky FBI Files

Oh, we just can’t stop picking on Hillary…. or Axe.  If you want to see the original (no pun intended), it’s here.  It includes a second version with a McCain button.  Not my work – please, no IRS audits.  I … Continue reading

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Am I Still A Redneck If…? (Tokyo by Kenzo Review)

Is it actually possible to be a redneck and a perfumisto at the same time?  Sometimes, I have my doubts.  I get this horrible, haunting feeling that I’ve sold out one side or the other.  It’s like the Ghost of … Continue reading

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Turin & Sanchez Confirmed Kill: Vera Wang For Men

Let me begin with an unusual disclaimer.  I actually like this scent.  I’m not crazy about it, but I do admit that I like it a little bit.  Nevertheless, I am bound by what little journalistic ethics I still have, … Continue reading

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A Day That Will Live In Infamy – 8/19/2007

Yes, my friends.  A day of horrendous shame.  A day of darkness.  A day of infamy.  The day that fashion journalism sank to the greatest of depths.  Deeper than an empty Dixie Cup.  Deeper than the bathwater of a kid … Continue reading

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香道 (Kōdō – Fragrance Way)

Obviously I didn’t take this picture – it’s just too beautiful.  Therefore, let me begin with a shameless blurb of product placement for the people who presumably own it – namely, the folks over at  Since the Japanese tend … Continue reading

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Terre D’Hermès: Update To Burial Instructions

There was a time when the eternal pine air freshener would do.  Specifically, the instructions in my will were to bury me in a pine box.  Was this for the benefit of the environment?  Or for some symbolic purpose – … Continue reading

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Cooty Launches L’Eau de L’Or de Maxim

Note added in 2016:  I have no idea what this is, except I seem to recall that I was pissed at Maxim for dissing Sarah Jessica Parker.  Whatever.  Historical records. 😉 Knock-off fragrance house Cooty, in association with Maxim Magazine, today … Continue reading

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