Don’t Axe Her ‘Bout Those Pesky FBI Files


Oh, we just can’t stop picking on Hillary…. or Axe.  If you want to see the original (no pun intended), it’s here.  It includes a second version with a McCain button.  Not my work – please, no IRS audits.  I just can’t resist a “shopped” Axe ad, no matter how ridiculous.  Besides, I think she won Pennsylvania.  She needs a good wedgie to keep her from getting all queeny on us.

I swore I wouldn’t let this blog get political, so I’ll try to find something that makes fun of the other candidates, too.  OK?  Yuk.  The fairness doctrine.  It’s like being forced to blog favorably about Paris Hilton scents.  What part of free speech is that?  Whatever.  OK.  And I’ll do reviews of Flower OBomba and Paris Hilton McCanCan next time.

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