What? No Chococat?


One of the great things about being a member of Basenotes.net is that you learn so much.  For instance, who would have guessed that Hello Kitty has a fragrance?  And that it may actually be better than some of the other (cough) celebrity fragrances out there?  I mean, just listen to this:

Roll on some sunshine with the Momoberry signature fragrance! This fruity, floral citrus infusion opens up with refreshing top notes of tempting guava, papaya, juicy pineapple, Mediterranean fig, white peach and tangerine zest. A tropical floral bouquet of frangipani blossoms, red hibiscus, star jasmine, tuberose and gardenia envelops the heart while subtle notes of intoxicating Tahitian vanilla, sandalwood, coconut milk and driftwood musk wraps the composition in a shier veil. Made in USA in an organic lab, pure perfume oil, with no alcohol added.

And not only that, but it got a pretty good review on Basenotes:

Sweet & adorable, with the vanilla base front and center. Givenchy did a great job creating this yummy scent for the Sanrio market. Young girls who enjoy Hello Kitty paraphenalia would likely gobble up this treat! This is also what I’d like to refer to as an “introduction” for upcoming basenotes junkies!  (by ubuandibeme, 24 April 2007)

Now, I’ll be honest.  I was hoping for a Chococat masculine, or a Badtz Maru sporty fragrance, because I could have bought it without a second thought.  Unfortunately, all they’ve got is a highly floral HK scent, which is not exactly up my alley no matter how much I convince myself.

But then again, my wife might go for it.  Hmmm.

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