! Pinky’s Up !


Well, it pretty much had to happen.  A slippery slope of evil.  First they legalized absinthe – again.  Presumably the Beelzebub of the Demon Rum Family is now to be considered rather tame in the face of meth and modern pot, the latter being something akin to crystalline THC on the vine.  But absinthe is rather, well, kind of – well, let’s just say it probably isn’t going to appeal to a lot of Americans.  Sure, you’ll be able to convince some high school kid somewhere that absinthe is just the thing to get his date to go further than first base.  And there are presumably some urban sophisticates somewhere who actually know what the stuff is.  But you can’t get Americans – by and large – to take an “historical” drug.  Especially it it’s all fluff and legend, and even the dreaded FDA signs off on it.  No.  We Americans want modern drugs, thank you.  And we want drugs that work.

For instance, vodka.  Invented by the same folks who brought you Sputnik (well, at least they invented the name.  I think…), vodka is a drug that is pretty much guaranteed to work first time, every time.  But it’s awfully hard to come up with decent spin-offs, flankers, and me-too products in the world of vodka.  The choices are limited, and everything’s been done.  About the only thing you can do to make it more appealing to guys is to make it stronger.  Sorry.  Taken.  What else?  Well, you could make it more appealing to chicks.  You know.  The humans who are a lot like guys, but they tend to be more amenable to stuff like……Perfume!

Or think of it this way.  If you dilute your pefume with enough alcohol, you have….flower-flavored vodka.  Kind of like Pinky!

Here’s a description:
Meet Pinky.
It’s time for a vodka that does you justice.
Developed by champion Scandinavian wine tasters
with a new vision for their country’s national spirit,
meet Pinky, the world’s most beautiful vodka.
  And as with all true beauty, it’s not just skin deep.
  Pinky’s pretty color hides some lovely secrets.
Distilled five times from pure glacial water and Swedish winter wheat,
Pinky is hand blended with violets, rose petals and ten other botanicals,
to create a flavor kissed with the delicate fragrance of a midnight garden.
  This fragrance gives traditional vodka cocktails subtle,
surprising new flavors.
  Pinky is fabulous neat, of course,
but pair it with juice, soda or tonic and prepare to be amazed.
It’s going to be a beautiful evening.
Well, I suppose that I could buy some and try it, but I’m not exactly a big drinker.  I may try to come up with a way to try it sometime.  Or, I may just get something that looks just as nice, and that my non-drinking wife would appreciate:  Kelly Calèche.
Let’s compare:
I’d say that, colorwise, it’s pretty darn close.  But I doubt that the vodka could possibly smell as nice as the Hermès scent.
Still, it is said that Rebecca Romijn drinks the stuff.  Not Kelly.  Pinky.  And hey – I’m not about to argue with “Mystique“.
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