The perfume book you can’t miss. – By Jim Lewis – Slate Magazine


For those of us who consider any journalism less fragrance-oriented than Basenotes to be “mainstream media”, here’s an excellent mainstream review of Turin & Sanchez on Slate:

The perfume book you can’t miss. – By Jim Lewis – Slate Magazine

I have to admit that I found this review of the guide almost completely by accident.  I was lurching around on MSN after following up a couple of links dealing with (paraphrased) – (1) why horses are euthanized for broken legs [Sadly, now you see why animals and people are actually different], (2) what’s the big deal about Miley Cyrus photos?  [As if!  Hannah Montana is the real scandal!], and (3) a book reviewer who can’t quite get her head around Christians who love Jon Stewart [I’m not making this up.]  I feel guilty about loving Slate.  Yes, it’s intelligent reading.  But the 5% failure to understand flyover land is both hilarious and scary.  Oh, well.  I suppose the feeling is mutual.

I’ll let the review of T&S speak for itself.  You may or may not like it.  Personally, I thought it was great.  The author is clearly a fellow perfumisto, but he appears to bring as much objectivity to the article as is humanly possible for somebody who loves fragrance.


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