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“Joey?  Is that…?” “Oh my God, Silvio.  It is!  It’s Terry Hermez!  What on Earth is he doing in the food court?” “Well, maybe he’s sampling Little Kyoto.  I can’t imagine what else.  It’s like finding your mom in the … Continue reading

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Real Men Prefer Flowers

Sorry – I just had to share this picture.  I was visiting my brother’s workplace in Kansas.  He works at a small hydroelectric plant on the Kansas river.  They do all kinds of nasty jobs, such as dragging huge logs … Continue reading

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Fragging The Friendly Skies

[Technorati Tags: airline,travel,TSA,fragrance,cologne,perfume] Fragrance aficionados will be relieved to know that the skies are once again friendly for traveling with our precious frags.  However, that friendship has limits – and it’s good to know what those limits are, so that … Continue reading

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