Real Men Prefer Flowers


Sorry – I just had to share this picture.  I was visiting my brother’s workplace in Kansas.  He works at a small hydroelectric plant on the Kansas river.  They do all kinds of nasty jobs, such as dragging huge logs out of the river, machining metal parts for the turbines, and repairing some really ancient electrical equipment, which carries ungodly amounts of electricity.  The tools they use look like dinosaur bones, greased with dino-poop.  It’s about as manly a job as one could possibly have.  So when I saw “Floral Fresh” Clorox Disinfecting Spray on the cart next to the metal lathe, I just couldn’t resist.

If I had to characterize the plant’s scent, I would say it was a heavy wet wood, petroleum, and metallic odor, with an earthy aqua background.  See?  Those turbines were just screaming for some floral notes!

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