Well Fancy That!



Well, can you guess who has a fragrance coming?

Daisy Duke?  Hmmm.  Or maybe Hugo Boss is planning to release yet another Boss scent – say, “Boss Hogg”? (that suggested name one of the most hilarious posts ever made on Basenotes, by HDS1963).

Nope.  It’s Jessica Simpson!  Check out this article on her recent exploits:

MSN Entertainment – Hot Gossip

Turns out she’s about to release a new fragrance.  Here’s what the article had to say about it:

Next month will see the release of “Fancy,” her new fragrance, which the promo copy bills as being “inspired by the many layers” of her “award-winning talent, beauty and captivating personality,” all of which apparently smell of gardenia, pear, apricot nectar, jasmine, vanilla and toasted almonds.

Simpson is shilling for the “sensual” scent in a series of print ads that show her reclined in bed with a silk sheet casually draped up to her cleavage, her shoulders and one leg bare and a come-hither-like look in her eyes.


Well, we’ll have to see what “many layers” means.  Hopefully it won’t mean a “kilofloral” like Paris Hilton’s scent, described by Turin & Sanchez as a “barf bag”.  In fact, I take the presence of only 7 notes in the description of Simpson’s scent as a very good sign.  Not only that – the particular combination given seems rather reasonable and restrained.  Always a plus in celeb fragrances.

Still, it doesn’t matter.  According to the article, Jessica’s shoe line sold over 200 million dollars in 2007.  Her fragrance could tank big-time and she’d still be on a roll.

Not hard to see why.  If the woman who single-handedly brought “short-shorts” back out of the fashion freezer is going to insure some bodily part, it better not be her nose.

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