Old Blogeo, Blogeo – Wherefore Art Thou, Blogeo?

There was a time, before I found basenotes.net, when I was pretty sure that a personal blog was the only way for me to say anything very personal about my love for (or, to those who don’t understand it, “peculiar fascination with”) all things fragrant.  That is clearly why this blog came into existence.  The question is – why does it remain?
To be honest, once I discovered Basenotes, and the fact that I could directly interact with other people around the world who saw the world (and, more importantly, smelled it) in the same way as me, I had far less reason to invest my time here.  But then, the question arose – what to do about this “stuff”?  After falling in with a bunch of people who were far more literate, reasoned, and knowledgeable of fragrance (and a few other things) than I could ever hope to be, my early musings seemed like nothing more than an embarrassment.  I thought about flushing them in various ways, but (un)fortunately, my fascination with Alan Turing and his ideas around that time prevented this.
My reading of Turing, coupling in a very curious way with my religion (best described as Generalized Proto-Christianity), led me to a remarkable and (to most sane people) unexpected conclusion: doctoring or hiding our pasts in any way – and, indeed, any form of information “security” (where we more significantly hide the present) is an error.  True, the existence of active criminality forces us into the “error” of security and privacy, but this is simply a consequence of evil, which attempts to propagate in the same way as good, trying to turn its adversary into itself.  Thus, every form of information hiding is a compromise with evil.  Even the fact that I hide my identity on the internet at the request of my good employer, is a compromise with evil – just as https, public key cryptography, and even cryptography per se, are compromises with evil.  Indeed, the responsive evil is so useful in the short term, that it hardly seems like a choice at all.  But it is.  When I choose to follow my saintly employer’s wish and hide my identity, I am quite convinced that I am somehow – in a tiny way – delaying the “Kingdom of Heaven” (what ancient people called a certain technological tipping point) at which point great informational joy awaits us.  I could go on expostulating about this, but I will use a single, ironically appropriate example.  Had humanity been more honest about the disturbing but inevitable demagnetization of the compass of sexual orientation, we might have been privy to Alan Turing’s more important inner thoughts for many more decades.  We might even have been awakened to the deeper and universal causes of the eusocialization of intelligence per se.  But information hiding took its toll – as it always does.
So, the important point is that we not do so when we can possibly avoid it.  Hence, this blog’s continued existence.
I should probably also comment on why the comments have been turned off.  Perhaps the greatest actor of “evil” in getting us to hide information is none other than the self.  And the trouble with the self, is that its API is a bit flawed.  Without significant self-study of the undocumented features, it is nearly impossible to overcome the features/bugs which implement massive and unexpected information hiding.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to configure maximum openness on the inputs and outputs simultaneously without much practice.  Since I’m just a n00b at understanding the API, you must bear with me while I learn how to do this.  In the meanwhile, in order to maximize openness of output, I have removed ALL potentially inhibitory inputs which are informationally close to the output API.  If I am able to configure things correctly at some point, then I will open up the input API to the maximum degree possible.
Now, where was I?  Oh yeah.  Recently, I discovered another use for this blog – a repository for files too big to put on Basenotes (which is damn near all of them).  SkyDrive was suddenly a very useful idea, and the utility of this blog was once again apparent.  And not only that – this place  began to seem like a wonderful place to leave other inner thoughts which don’t necessarily belong on Basenotes.
Like these!
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