The Fragrant Refugee

The only thing more foolish than writing a blog which nobody ever reads, is saving it from destruction.  Alas, given that crazy people are prone to do foolish things, as it was written, so now it is done.  I have packed my bags and left Windows Live Spaces.  I am now an undocumented person of Word Press, about which I know next to nothing.

What will Word Press bring?  Who knows.  As a refugee from Live Spaces, I can at least continue to use Live Writer, which I do love most dearly.  It’s like the mother tongue – a comfortable link to the past.

Although I probably can’t use it from my iPad.  C’est la vie.

The New Year is coming.  Perhaps I will resolve to blog more.  That would be fun.  I will have some nice new scents to review very soon.  Alas, I may not have the chance to do that here.  I have two other blogs that need fragrant tending – one on Basenotes, called Red’s Lumberyard, and one with Aromi and cohorts over at Il Mondo di Odore.

We’ll see.

The idea of being a fragrant refugee has come to me before.  I have often considered what bottle of fragrance I would salvage from the burning wreck of my home.  Most people would not consider this to be an important question, but perfumaniacs ain’t most people.  We worry about some pretty crazy stuff.

I suppose that most of my collection would end up as the “angel’s share”, as Kilian Hennessy of By Kilian Perfumes and LVMH lineage puts it.  A gift to the atmosphere, and perhaps the residents of Cloud 9 as well.  But maybe I could save one bottle.  So – what might that be?

I have often thought that it would be my bottle of Terre d’Hermès pure parfum.  But perhaps, now that I am fully enthralled with it, I would save my bottle of Bleu de Chanel.  Hmmmm.  A tough choice.  Or perhaps something more rare and unusual, to buy myself some food and board.  That would be more sensible – but less spiritual.

Perhaps it would be better to save my dear wife’s favorite Creed – or her new Penhaligon’s bottle.  Of course, she might prefer that I save something else entirely, and then it likely wouldn’t be fragrance at all.  In fact, it would probably be something with importance in the financial world, or the material world.  No – to be maximally spiritual, it should be something rather useless.  I’m sure of that much.  Fragrance is pretty useless, but very beautiful.  I think that’s the whole point.

Hmmmm.  What else could I save, that my wife loves?

Ah, that’s it.  My stinky dog.  Quite useless, but very spiritual.  But to be honest, the dog is quite good at taking care of itself.  I don’t think I would need to save the dog.  More likely the other way around.

Aha!  That’s it!

I’ll save some dog treats, so that when the dog and I meet on the street and ponder the smoky ruins – reminding me greatly of amazing smoky scents like Derby, Comme des Garçons 2 MAN, and Le Troisième Homme – I’ll be able to give her a treat, after she gives me a high five.

Of course, if I just happen to slip my bottle of Bulgari Aqua into my back pocket on the way out, no harm done.

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