Understanding Zero

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What part of zero do I not understand?

It’s an interesting question.  I mean, what’s the purpose of a blog, anyway?  Nobody reads it, and nobody out of that nobody comments.  Nobody among those non-people comments disfavorably, and even fewer have threatened me or otherwise inhibited me from speaking out.  Nevertheless, I feel inhibited by them.  Why?

Don’t know.

Well, I need to do something about that.  So I turned off comments.  Again.  Now I can tell you what I really think.

I think that the world is coming to a really weird place.  In some ways, a really wonderful place.  But in others ways, not so nice.

I see a lot of stupidity around me.  Let’s take stuxnet.  Just f’rinstance.  Like drones, it was started (well, more or less – let’s just say it all apparently went big) under the Bush administration.  That figures.  After 9/11, there was a lot of craziness.  <HISTORY LESSON/>  And while I find it more surprising how warmly both of these have been embraced by the Obama administration, it’s really not so surprising, given the paradoxical thinking of Democrats, that wars are OK as long as people don’t know about them, but that both popularity and unpopularity are signs of a bad war.


Admittedly, it’s kind of stupid for a country like Iran to go around saying they want to destroy Israel.  Not just stupid to say it, but stupid to want it.  Just makes no sense.  But the worst part of their stupidity is how it spreads, like a ripple moving out into the rest of the world.  Watch how it reflects back at them in the assassination of their scientists.

Wow.  As a scientist – or, more honestly, an ex-scientist, I find that rather appalling.  Granted, wanting to kill the Jews is pretty appalling, but appalling just loves to find new forms, and now it has one.  The “good guys” (ironic that I have to use quotes now) have decided that peacetime sabotage and assassination of scientists is the way to go.  Hmmmm.

Even more interesting, the apparent semi-success of the plan has these folks sounding rather chipper.  Apart from a little plausible deniability, they seem to fairly glow between the smirks and the evaded questions.

Let me ask you something.  Am I supposed to think this is a good thing because I’m on the “winning” side?

Let me ask you something, ye bringers of your own misfortune.  What part of “do unto others” do you not understand?

I’ll tell you which part.  Both of them.

See, fellas (and gals, now that they will very soon be permitted to kill people in hand-to-hand combat, too), there is a positive component, the excess of which is effectively amplified by the universe.  That’s what got you here.  But there is a negative component as well, that’s designed to cancel you out and keep you down where you belong when you disobey.  One of the most common intellectual fallacies among modern Christian militarist cultures is the idea that the positive component, perhaps best exemplified in Christianity, is the only thing that matters.  There is a self-deception among modern Christians that something – possibly embodied in their concept of forgiveness – nullifies the negative consequences of bad behavior.  Particularly if done in a legally ship-shape war, for which all paperwork is in order, signed by a government protected by certain verses in the Bible.

In a word, no.  God’s economics and what you get on Earth are not the same.  The universe has moral laws that continue to operate in the physical and information worlds, and that negative component is there, and it’s inescapable.  You can consider yourself better than karma, and you can consider your incomplete version of Christianity superior to older and (to your minds) less enlightened karmic religions, but that does not make it so.

Whatever.  Like I said, nobody reads this blog.  And that, too, is part of karma.

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