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Semi-Pseudo-Ex-Rednecks Prefer Armani Privé

Well, the height of the Oscars may have been watching those silly awards for all those chumps who care about breathless romance and exploding cars and all that STUFF, but for SOME of us, it’s all about the fashion!  (True, I … Continue reading

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My Last CREED Controversy Post Ever

You know – sometimes you just wise up.  Yes, seriously.  Well – sort of.  Oh, all right.  I’ll admit it.  I’ll probably get sucked back into CREED drama.  But it was a thought. Tonight, as I was about to answer the … Continue reading

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New House Fever: Mauboussin

I’m not exactly a jewelry type of guy – or at least not much beyond native silver and turquoise stuff.  So how I got interested in a French jeweler – Mauboussin – is a bit of a story. Over on … Continue reading

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