To Elbonia with Love


Elbonian Computing Prior to Transfer of Advanced American Cyberwarfare Code

My favorite branch of the United States Government simply has to be the agency known as DUH – the Department of Unintentional Humor. Don’t even try to find their website on the internet. It is in a constant state of being owned by Elbonian hackers. The Elbonians – yes, the same ones you know and love from Dilbert – pepper the home page with portraits of Glorious Leader, and corrupt the bureaucratic verbiage with various insults related to farm animals.

But do not take the Elbonians for granted. They are now a force to be reckoned with.  In fact, thanks to their highly advanced cyberwarfare capability, they are a huge threat to America (or “The Great Poodle”, as we are otherwise known to these nasty troublemakers).

You see, Elbonia is now in possession of computer malware which is so sophisticated, that some of our foremost information scientists have described it as “game-changing”, “breathtaking”, and “mind-boggling in its ingenuity – a generation ahead (whatever – you get the point)”.

You might be asking yourself (especially if you read Dilbert) – how on Earth these mud-sloshing, hut-and-cave-dwelling Elbonian cyber-warriors could have possibly gotten a hold of this highly sophisticated malware, which now threatens to destroy American power-plants, wreck our aging and brittle nuclear installations, sabotage our few remaining successful businesses, and otherwise keep America poor and weak?

Well, let me just say that you need to talk to the folks at DUH about it. But if you want the full story, then click HERE.

There was a brief moment, shortly after the Google thing, where there was this vain hope that America might have been in possession of some kind of cyberwarfare capability that might have been – how shall we say this – ahead of SOMEBODY – if only the Elbonians.  Not to mention other people.  Oh, well.  Use ’em and lose ’em! 😉

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