Panspermia versus Tiger Blood

Seriously! It's an ET germ I kid you not!

O.M.G.  Like, you know, Charlie Sheen wasn’t tweeting AT ALL.  The horror!  But I knew that, like, maybe it was cuz he got back together with Bree….

“I chipped one of my warlock fangs on a great white shark I had to murder. Pissed me off and like an ass I took it out on her.” (source)

So anyway I had to go looking at other stuff, cuz NOBODY was online.  And then I ended up on Fox News, which is, like, kinda lame, but sometimes they have Charlie news.  And, like, I saw this thing about sperm, only it wasn’t – it was about “panspermia”.  O.M.G.

They explained what that was.  It’s like life coming from somewhere else.  I mean not on Earth, but ET or something.  I kid you not!  So I tweeted this link to my BFF, and she has this older brother who’s a TOTAL geek, and she put him on F2F while he was explaining this stuff to me.  He’s kind of cute, but a REAL nerd.

OH – before I forget, here’s the link:  Journal of Cosmology

Don’t EVEN try to read it.  BORING.  It’s like trying to read Chinese or something.  But if you know a geek, maybe they can read it for you.

So my BFFB explained that whether it’s right or wrong, all the geeky types are going to be talking about it.  I asked him if that meant that Charlie would be getting bumped off the news, but he said not to worry about it.  (I also asked him if he knew anything about the Charlie Sheen cologne, since he has like twenty bottles of after shave and cologne, but he said he didn’t.)  But he did say that it had to be kind of unusual, because they sent this research to all these top scientists to say what they thought about it.

Anyway, he said that these scientists had split open these special meteorites called carbon something, and that inside they found these tiny things that looked like germs.  I asked him if they were contagious, but he said no, they were dead.  Kinda creepy still, ya know?.

So then I asked him if it was just a theory like evolution, or a fact like the Bible, but he said it was more complicated than that.  You know, that’s what I hate about geeks – it’s always so complicated!  But he did try to explain it to me, which was kinda cute.

First he tried to explain science to me.  He said something about theories and hypotenuse, which I totally didn’t get, and then he said something about religion and science being OK if you use science for the facts and religion for figuring out how to treat people.  I don’t know – even that was complicated!  LOL  But he did say that facts are like things so obvious that everybody agrees on them unless you get better ones (like better numbers) or figure out that the fact was wrong because you did something wrong.  Then he said that theories are like ways to understand facts, and that kinda made sense.  So he says that this panspermia is like this theory that life maybe didn’t start on Earth, but that maybe life kinda floats around in space and goes from place to place and time to time.  I asked him if that meant that all the life would be the same, and he was so happy I said that, he said I should be a scientist someday!  LOL  I didn’t think it was that smart, but he said that’s the whole point of this thing with the meteorites – that some things were almost the same as germs on Earth, but that some things were very weird.

Mostly, he said that the germs looked a lot like the ones on Earth, so that was why everybody was thinking that they were really germs.  But he also said that they didn’t have nitrogen in them, which was the same as Earth fossils.  So that meant two things that he said were real important – that it wasn’t just real germs from today that got into the meteorites, and that the germs had to be really old, like as old as fossils.  There was this other stuff about hydrogen and heavy water he said, that made it look like these special carbon meteorites were from comets and not asteroids, and that that meant water, and that that meant this Europa (it’s a planet, not the country) and other places that are mostly ice and water might also have germs, too.

So anyway the big picture is that germs are everywhere.  YUK.  I guess it’s better than Aliens or Predators.  My BFF’s brother said not to worry about that – he says that we’re the Aliens and Predators, but hopefully we’ll start acting more like Star Trek, and not like the other space shows with lots of guns.  I told him I didn’t care about taking over other worlds – I just wanted to know everything about Charlie Sheen.  Then he said he liked that about me, and that’s why there was hope for people.  LOL!  I sure don’t understand THAT part.  But it made me blush and it cracked up my BFF, and she started kidding me about having to be my sister in law.  So don’t ever say panspermia to me or I’m just going to LOL and get embarrassed, but not because it sounds like sperm.  Ya know?  OMG, did I just say that?

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