Notes From the Back of the Bus

Yukari Miyamae - The Rosa Parks of The New American Commoner Class

Yukari Miyamae - The Rosa Parks of The American Commoner Class

You know – sometimes it just takes a little old lady to make sense.

Let’s consider the TSA.  You know – the folks that the Obama administration now wants to pat you down when you get onto a train or a bus.  Which may be the only way you’re going to be able to afford to travel in five years, when gas is $20.00 a gallon.

Yeah.  That TSA.  The one that you had almost gotten used to.  The one that you had almost accepted as part of the normal order.

Order.  It’s a funny word.  I think it’s “Ordnung” in German.  It makes me think about my mother’s tales of the Gestapo.  Yeah, I’ll admit that Godwin’s law just got invoked in paragraph 4, but I have an excuse this time.  I mean – lets face it.  Hitler can still sneak up on you when you least expect it.  Maybe he can even sneak up on all of us.  Cunning bastard.   Just like my buddy Jesus, though a good bit weaker, he still seems to have a certain power beyond the grave.

I’m not saying that the TSA are Nazis.  What I am saying is that it’s time to stop and take a long look at things.  Because even though the TSA and the Gestapo were just following orders, and insuring public safety (communists – islamists – whatever…), there are probably more Americans right now who think something is very, very wrong with this country, than there were Germans who thought something was even mildly wrong then.

And I don’t like those odds.

There was a recent poll, done by a well-respected former pollster for the Democrat party, that showed a majority of mainstream American voters (meaning they weeded out people like me) saying that things are worse now than they were before the American Revolution.  I was a bit flabbergasted by that, when I first heard it.  But not tonight.  Tonight, it’s all making sense.

Tonight, I learned that a little old Japanese lady did to her TSA groper what they do to us every day.  She HUMILIATED her.  She gave her back her own medicine.  She grabbed the TSA agent’s left breast, and groped her back.  And was then charged with felony assault.

I don’t know what is sadder – the possibility that the government basically admitted how bad their groping is, by equating the same thing to a felony – or the idiocy of charging an innocent flyer for doing what is supposedly nothing to be concerned about.  And all this while any number of islamist “probers” skate free, after softly testing airline readiness with the outrageous bullshit you read about with shocking regularity on the [unofficial news stream of those who don’t need their news filtered] Drudge Report.

Think about it.  We had two American women being forced to grab each others tits – something that is so low, it is basically a foul in mud wrestling and roller derby.  One did it because it’s her job, forced on her – if only for want of a paycheck – by what is now looking more and more like the First American Reich.  The other did it in angry retaliation – mostly because we’re not yet at the point where she would get shot for doing so.  But yet, she did what damn near every one of us has felt like doing when we’ve been body searched before getting on a plane.

Yes, I know it’s Osama’s fault.  But the point is this.  Leaving out Obama and the politicians, and the ruling minority of people who ride on corporate jets (whether or not they campaign against them), the rest of us are all on Bus 18, and we’re riding in back with Rosa Parks, George Wallace, George Washington, and every other American, past or present.  God help us if future Americans are here with us.

Look.  All I know is this.  There has to be a better way.  Yeah, maybe we do have to do something.  But the groping has to go.  I mean GO.   GONE.

Right now, this woman is my hero.  I do not give one fucking shit how much the runaway government of this country tries to run her name into the mud, because it no longer matters.  I don’t give a crap if you make her look like a mental case, because we all know that you own the fucking media, and they owe you favors, and that’s what you do.  Yeah, put your news hens on it.  We’ve seen the script.  Maybe you can change our “View” of things.

Or you could try something different.  You killed fucking Osama.  Maybe it’s time to kill the TSA.  Or at least, kill the groping.

Because if you don’t, you’re going to kill this country, and all it ever stood for.

And – in case the following happens to be more important than the well-being of the country, just one more minor point.

You probably won’t get re-elected.  Because ending the groping is going to be a HUGELY winning issue in 2012.



PS – thoughts prompted by Dave Allen’s Facebook post.

PPS – governmental authorities making a strategic retreat on all levels.

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