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Beutleg de Chanel

 SO… …maybe you DON’T buy your fancy French fragrance from evilBay.  Nosirree.  You’re getting it from a reputable discounter – right?  Never known to have sold counterfeit merch – am I correct?  Never known to have sold bad old juice … Continue reading

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Embracing the Modernization of Fragrance

Ah, there is no sound as sweet to these distantly primitive ears, as the howling of vintage freaks, discovering with horror that Guerlain ain’t what it used to be.  All that’s missing is a full moon.  Images of the good … Continue reading

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Starajuku Lovers: Rose Rebelle / What We Do Is Secret

Starajuku Lovers?  Chibi, Cheap, and Cute But Not Corporate. New Fragrances from A Lab On Fire ( ******************** “Princess Leia – you must come to the dark side.” “Oh, Darth.  Really!  I’m already there.” “But…. Impossible!” “Have you sniffed me … Continue reading

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