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A Moment of Ecstasy, A Lifetime of…. Ecstasy!

Looking for something to do on a Black Friday morning, I can think of no choice better than what avails itself to me now – corrupting the youth.  If I hereby tempt good Socrates to pass the hemlock, then so … Continue reading

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YEE-HAH! Ralph Lauren For President!

If I ever said anything bad about the Ralph Lauren Big Pony fragrances, let’s just call it water under the bridge, shall we?  OK? You see, Ralph & Co. just bought their way back into my heart with the amazing … Continue reading

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Marc Jacobs Bang Theory

What constitutes a female fragrance anyway? So a friend of mine did ask on Basenotes. As always, science has the answer! It’s just that the answer is not worth posting on the board. Or perhaps, not without consequence. 😉 ******************** … Continue reading


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Trojama! The Obama Trojan is Wild on the Web!

Hey – sensationalism works for the big dogs.  Why not for a little ol’ blogger?  In any case, now that I have your attention…. 😉 This campaign season, I’m going to try to talk about the good things that the … Continue reading

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Yessirree, folks.  This here boo-log has hit the big time!  No more of that annoyingly polysyllabic and professionally challenged ““.  Now I can tell people to go to “” for all their moderately psychotic and pleasantly neurotic fragrance needs!  Yup. … Continue reading

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Hey! There’s a Greek Prophetess in My Coffee!

Well, OK.  Technically, she was Trojan.  But for all practical purposes, Trojans and Greeks were pretty much the same thing, right?  Kinda like Sun and….. Oh, never mind. 😉

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11. Thou Shalt Not Trundle

As a climber, I’ve learned one thing more than any other facet of the sport.  Gravity is a BITCH.  After a life of injuries, failures, epics, accidents, near-misses, and near-death experiences, I am here to tell you that gravity is … Continue reading

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