Nero Profumo. Back to Black.

Nero Profumo.

Nero Profumo. Get Black, Jack!

There are a lot of fragrance blogs out there.  In fact, if you’re starting a blog with the idea of having an army of followers, turning it into a book, to be followed by an indie movie starring Zooey Deschanel, and then retiring to your own Pacific island on the royalties – well, keep dreaming.  Frankly, you’re lucky if you can get your friends to visit, much less comment.

But then again, that’s what blogging is really all about.  It’s a way that we can create and share our diaries in real time, when they actually count for something.  When they actually have meaning for people.  And – perhaps – our blogs will have even more meaning in the future, long after we’re gone.

For those reasons, I encourage all my fragrance friends to have blogs.  And sometimes they listen to me, and – well – SOMETIMES…..

Well, sometimes, they put up something really nice.   Like Nero Profumo.  In this instance, my friend Francesco (who you may know as alfarom on Basenotes) has just created his own English-language review blog.  The title translates literally as “Black Fragrance”, but all English-fluent readers, and especially those familiar with the must-read titles of the fragrance world, will delight in the cute punsmanship of that name.  Ignore Francesco’s protestations to the contrary – his effortlessly fluent English skills are fully at play, and you will delight in his reviews.  The reviews are just right – neither minimalist nor wordy, but always insightful.  I already have one absolutely-must-sniff after my first visit.  (I’ll let you guess which one that is!)

Nero Profumo is oozing with that certain niche sensibility that fragrance aficionados demand – as well as a rather wry, deftly cute, and lovably smirky fashion sense which I positively adore.  The photos are excellent, and far better than what one normally sees.  Or, for that matter, anything that I can muster up – even with GIMP and my total disrespect for copyright.  You should check out this site for the eye candy, as well as the nose candy.

So – there’s my review.

Black is beautiful.

Now.  Get some!

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