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Surfing with Science

This review of Chandler Burr Untitled Fragrance S01E02 is being brought to you by my beach bum alter-ego, who responds authentically to fragrance.   Perhaps a bit too authentically.  He exists primarily in the universe where I actually bought that chopper … Continue reading

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Under the Camphor Tree

Sometimes you just have to sniff the Aqua Velva to keep it real.  Of course, if you don’t think you can sneak something that mainstream into your niche fragrance diet, well…… You can always cheat. So how about some Japanese … Continue reading

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On A Project With No Name

July 21, 1947 I am writing this entry in more detail than is my usual journal entry so as that I shall not forget anything.  If you are reading these words then you are my grandchildren and I am long … Continue reading

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CREED Universe

This post inspired by: CREED – Present at Creation – see announcement of discovery here. [QUOTE=heperd;2622874]Thanks man I appreciate that. Very appealing to haters is just what im going for. Actually though there is nothing funny about it. Im very serious … Continue reading

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