On A Project With No Name

July 21, 1947

I am writing this entry in more detail than is my usual journal entry so as that I shall not forget anything.  If you are reading these words then you are my grandchildren and I am long gone.  I send you my love even though I we will probably not have ever met.  This entry has importance of some kind for history I am sure, but I am not one to violate the laws of my country or the orders of my command, so therefore I merely seek to pass this information on until it should be have its importance know, and will thus be legal to tell.  If this is not true at your time then you must keep this secret as well and pass it on until it can be told with respect of for the laws of the USA.

On the day of July 8 [NOTE MISSING ENTRY] I was involved in a USAF operation involwing crash site recovery.  however it was clear that this was not a normal craft of any kind.  Due to high secrecy (TOP) of this operation relative to normal recoverys I am convinced of my suspicions which follow and become apparent.

Crash site involved in particular recovery of metallic debris of unusual composition – much lighter and stronger than anything I have ever seen.  No soviet or captured Nazi technology would explain this substance, despite assurances by command that it was of an experimental USAF design.  During the operation I took it upon myself to smell this debris, despite warnings not to touch or contact it with skin (we were issued gloves, but not everybody used them).  I would have to say that the smell was almost normal.  Howevr I was told by an unidentified corpsman that somebody had burned his nose by smelling a piece of this metal which still had some kind of liquid attached to it, and therefore not to do it.  I noticed that there was a faint odor which was similar to known metals but yet strange as well.  However this smell was not strong at all.  I suspected by this smell that it was the odor of space despite not knowing or ever having smelled such a thing.

However, this is not the most important thing.  Later my unit was driven to another site of a similar general nature but without widely scattered debris.  We were asked to look for any objects of non-natural or strange origin within a radius of a full mile of a smaller site.  That site being off-limits without permission we were told not to enter it.  Wanting to get a closer look, I conducted my search in the direction of this site, though in a roundabout way so as not to draw immediate suspicions.  During this search I came upon a brushpile formed in the bend of a dry streambed.  When looked upon by most angles this pile was unremarkable, but on closer inspeaction I saw a strange ball appearing like glass but much lighter and less visible, which is presumably why it had escaped prior notice despite being sized about 2 bushels or so.  The object had some kind of plant inside which due to the force of impact had become dislodged and spun around.  I hoped that this plant would be in some kind of living condition but judging from its appearance it was much worse for wear and if not yet dead than would not survive, being somewhat crushed and matted at the bottom of the ball.  I decided to poke the sphere with a stick and indeed the top half of it fell apart easily from the bottom half when poked inexactly the right spot.  Endeavoring to get a closer look I took a sniff and I expected a strong smell of plant type.  Instead I noted nearly nothing.    Sticking my head right up to the thing I thought I might be smelling something but whatever odor it had was too faint or maybe just a soap smell of some kind but nothing like a plant.

The plant was strange.  It might correspond to a vine of some kind, in that it appeared to be long and continuous like some kind of ivy.  However the things that looked like leaves were attached very oddly and were also of a shape which was unlike anything I have ever seen including gingko leaves.

I noted that I was much closer to the off-limits site than to our command and therefore used this opportunity.  I walked to the site [it was still quite aways] and checked in at a checkpoint.  I briefed the on-duty officer of my discovery and he sent me on to his command.  They were clearly interested in finding this thing quickly and dispatched me with one of their own in a jeep.

It was during this journey that I was informed what the off-limits area was: the site of recovery of bodies from the crash.  The officer driving the jeep was clearly excitable and could not stay quiet for long he was constantly breaking silence to say things.  For example he mentioned that the occupants of a small round aircraft unlike any of our own had been found nearby – all dead but their bodies mostly intact and the craft broken but recognizable in parts.  He noted that they were not rotting properly despite having been there for days but were still undergoing some kind of decomposition more like things getting old and faded but not acting like a normal corpse.  I asked if they had any kind of an odor or stink and he said it was like bodily fluid but not bad like a real corpse.  I wanted to ask what bodily fluid but did not.  However I think I know which one because of the way he said it and it does not bear mention.

He described that the bodies had been taken away and he had seen them.  They were not much larger than children but appeared old and completely bald and without eyebrows or any other hair.  It was not his opinion that these were anything from this planet.  Thinking the better of his loose lips he later swore me to secrecy and I told him instead that his secret was safe with me.  Thus I trust you not to make a liar out of me or to break this vow by telling this account prematurely.

We replaced the top half of the sphere and loaded the object into a crate of roughly the proper size which had been dispatched with us using the issued gloves.  I took one long last look at the plant.  I will draw a picture later based on this.

I was then returned to my command whereupon my superior officers were shown the object and were allowed to catalog it under my name and our unit’s findings.

I continued my search that day but found nothing.  Our unit was not involved in any subsequent operations of that kind.

It is not my purpose to tell what I think is happening at this time or why our Government is keeping this a secret.  I believe that all will be revealed in time when the time is right.  Until that point we have to keep faith that the truth is in need of secrecy for a legitimate reason and therefor I ask you to uphold the laws of this land and my promise to this other soldier by remembering the truth but keeping the secret of what really happened until you are legally free to tell it.

Eventually everything will be revealed and we will understand.

July 22, 1947

Today I shaved using Barbasol but I decided to put on a bit of Dad’s old Barbasol Skin Freshener as well.  Damn I wish I could find more of this stuff.

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