Chain Letter


If you resend this letter, thousands of people will thank and remember you forever. Maybe billions. However, you will not get $1.61 in 2035 yuan.   PS: It’s complicated.

Note:  I was kinda thinking this was totally unsuitable for a Christmas Eve post, and I had no clue why I was led to make it.  Until I re-read the end.  Thank you, Spirit of Truth.



Sometimes, you just have to put things in perspective.

Imagine that you had to risk – say – five more years in some hellhole, just for sticking a fucking letter between two styrofoam gravestones in a cheap plastic holiday decoration set.

And the most that I risk, for posting his or her letter, is to sound like a broken record on China.

Or to – inevitably – find myself in disagreement with whatever disproof the Chinese government eventually trots out.  To possibly look like a fool or a dope.

I have this idea that maybe – just maybe – this image will end up all over the planet.  Not so much as to become some BIG THING, but just enough that it leaks back into China.  Enough that a few copies end up where they might do some good.  Some person in the Communist Party who knows the truth, and simply says “No.  This is not the way it should be.”  And maybe – just maybe – decides to change things.

Who knows?

All I know is this.  My mother told me stories about people in Nazi Germany – good people who suffered under the will of bad people.  Bad people who wanted to hide the suffering of their victims from the eyes of the world.  At a time when – I should note – most Americans didn’t believe a ****ing word of it.  And – in a very nowish sort of way – didn’t really care.

I have this idea that somebody has to look – to see and remember.  Somebody has to carry the truth.  Somebody has to care.  Even if you can’t see the person – or only in your mind’s eye, from just a fragment of a story from a friend of the single witness, it still has to be done.   The truth has to live.

And the beauty is, that it can.

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