Aurora: Spirit of Mosaic

Firefox Aurora

Aurora – a.k.a. Firefox Aurora – a.k.a. the best browser ever!

Let’s start off the New Year with a good post.  Something nice.  In fact, something very nice.

If you’re somebody who happens to like the Firefox web browser, then let me suggest a way in which you can help pay back the Mozilla Foundation (the people who make Firefox), for their public service in providing this great piece of free software.

You can be a guinea pig!

That’s right.  You can (wo)man up, and help those wonderful folks test an “alpha” version of their next browser!  Something that’s called “Aurora“.

Actually, it’s not that bad.  In fact, that’s the real story.  Aurora is so flawless, you would never know that you were using an experimental browser.  Yes – it’s actually THAT good.

Aurora is fast.  It’s lightweight.  Yet it’s crammed with features.  And it rarely screws up.  I would say that the only downside is that you will get updated versions all the time.  Sometimes daily or even twice daily.  To be honest, it almost feels like you’re getting personal service.

To download Aurora, go here:

Just follow the simple directions and install it.  You’ll be glad you did.

The interesting thing about Aurora is its lineage.  Aurora can trace its roots all the way back, via Firefox and Netscape, to Mosaic.  Remember Mosaic?  The first “real” web browser?

Mosaic browser for Windows - circa 1997.

Mosaic browser for Windows – circa 1997.

You can actually download Mosaic and install it – with difficulty – under Windows 7.  Try using either Windows 95 or Windows 98/Me compatibility settings and administrator permissions.  You can get it from here:


It’s almost unusable – it can barely handle the simplest of modern websites.  But it’s pretty cool to see it again on your desktop.

Kinda brings back memories, doesn’t it?  Back when the internet was free, and belonged to the people – not the “people in charge“.

Remember those days?

They don’t have to go away forever.  You can help keep the internet in the hands of the people.  If everybody does one little thing, it ends up being a really big thing.

Start small.  Download Aurora. ^__^

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