New Dior Homme. I Mean The Dude.


New Dior Homme Boy. It’s good to have hair.

And here is the news.   And here and here and here.   Looks like that R. Patz guy is gonna be helping out Jude Law, who TO ME will always be the face of Dior Homme.  But what the heck.  Gotta start pointing the juice at a younger crowd.

I like Dior Homme.  The whole line, actually.  Dior has done a really nice job of keeping this one in top shape.  Let’s just rattle ’em off…

  • Regular Dior Homme one of the most respected designer releases on BN  ever
  • Daring male “lipstick” iris accord sealed the deal on iris as a male note
  • “Synthetic” iris accord one of the most widely mimicked in recent perfumery
  • Fragrance probably the one that made Olivier Polge a top name in fragrance world
  • Intense version became a fanboy favorite on BN, rivaling A*Men Pure Malt
  • Sport version went untrashed by Basenoters – rare among sport scents
  • Reformulations were 3 for 3 – all of them are considered as great as the original
  • Fragrance is aging well – no sign of fading out of style or losing its mojo
  • Innovative bottle with center tube has become almost synonymous with the brand
  • Sport scent wears well day after day, without typical synthetic build-up

One of my favorite memories of this scent wasn’t even wearing it.  Long before I became a fan – before I “got” Dior Homme – back when I was intentionally ignoring it and focusing on niche – I remember watching a very attractive college-age girl, who appeared to be a sorority type, trying to wheedle her BF into buying Dior Homme in my local Sephora.  Yeah, it was clear that this guy didn’t have a clue what he liked in fragrance.  He was stumbling over Acqua di Gio and trusty old Polo, but the GF kept trying to bring him back to Dior Homme.

My inner Robert Pattinson – roughly half my age – wanted to grab a bottle of Dior Homme and hold it up in front of him, at the perfect distance to get his attention but not make him look like a dope.

“Dude!  Dior Homme.

There are lots of rules for which fragrances you need in your wardrobe, but the one that your woman really likes?

Yeah.  That one is a no-brainer.

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