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Who Put LSD In My SdV?

Ah, the beauty of the amide group – that little bit of organic chemical functionality that turns Element 6 with Valence 4 into beautiful things like Carl Sagans, who say BILLIONS AND BILLIONS until we sigh about the beauty of … Continue reading

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Bandolero: Series 01, Episode 10

Note to Readers: Today I got my shipment of a mystery fragrance – Chandler Burr Untitled: S01E10.  This is surely one of the finest yet in the Untitled series.  And – if the immediacy of my reaction is any indication … Continue reading

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Musica Moderna

  File this under impressive feminines.  The one fragrance I really wanted to buy today, was the one which was not for sale.  But at least I got to smell it.  And it’s coming.  Probably like a tsunami, but it’s … Continue reading

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Seven Samurai and a Hippie Chick

OK, people – here you go.  Today’s mainstream sniff-a-thon.  We report, you decide.  Because perfume people NEVER fall for stuff like brand loyalty or hot models. OK.  Almost never. ***** My friend Mike Perez was the guy who introduced me … Continue reading

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