Letters To Primrose

Sealed letter from Primrose

Sealed letter from Primrose

One of my oldest and best friends in the fragrance world is Primrose, who is surely one of our “alpha dandies” on Basenotes.  Along with the other veterans of that forum, she has managed to maintain it as one of the brighter corners of the internet.  Sometimes “old green” is a bit worse for wear, particularly when it rains Aventus, but come hell or high panty-droppin’ water, we manage.  Primrose and I have been through a lot together, and value our friendship greatly.  I always told her that if I had to throw away everything I had ever written in the fragrance world, I would keep our correspondence – my “Letters to Primrose” – as the only part that was ever worth anything.

Primrose is in the habit of sending me exquisite samples – too many to count over the years.  This year, she really outdid herself, and sent me an almost-literal brick of samples – enough to fill a rather large, rectangular Hermès gift box.

Vowing that I would not let her generosity be forgotten, I promised myself that I would sniff every sample she sent me.  And then I came up with an even better idea – I would blog about every one as well.  The thought occurred to me that I could do it like an advent calendar – counting down the days to Christmas.  When the huge number of samples made that impossible, I doubled up a few, and ran it out to the New Year.  Thus, you now get a month-plus-one advent calendar of fragrance.

Other than that, no rules.  I started out thinking I would review every one, or even write a poem for every one, but finally decided to just give myself a break and let the fragrances themselves tell me what to do.

So here you go.  A fragrant month of blogging about fragrance.  For no particular reason, other than to say thanks to Primrose for making the fragrance world a better place.

Primrose's red wax seal.  But the fact that the initials are AdG was taken to be a good sign.

Primrose’s red wax seal. The fact that the initials are AdG was taken to be a good sign.

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