I view the health of public discourse by an interesting metric.  Can I make a good-natured joke about Donald Trump in the fragrance world – one with deep knowing humor on many levels to all sides – and only minimally offend people?  We almost found out on Basenotes, when an old Trump thread was bumped, and a few joking posts were made.  As I will be retiring soon (officially) as a mod, I decided to celebrate with a little pre-retirement edginess.  I served one up, and remik got it!  His response (some people just get improv) left me with a softball that I could not swing at right away, due to a trip to the art store, before the thread was closed.  SAD!

Well, that’s why we have blogs.  Or pre-presidential Twitter accounts.  Here you go.  Plus a nod to my old world relatives, from a time that remembered how to be smart and funny and think differently but get along anyway.  Well, more or less.  And to somebody who my dearly departed mother loved, who carried an echo of that blessed and cursed era.  kovfefe.

Does Anyone like Donald Trump’s “Success”?


Thank goodness for THIS LINK!


Time Travel!  Highly recommended! *wink*

Enjoy your day, everybody!


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