Some Potentially Useful Misinformation About My Upcoming Absence From Fragrance

I never thought I would make a post with a bizarro-world title like this one, but then, these are interesting times.

Ultimately, this is a post about Anosmia. I decided to do it here, rather than on Basenotes, because on Basenotes I can only tell you some of the truth. Here, I can tell you as much truth as I want.

If I tell you about some of those things on Basenotes, what I tell you will very likely be removed as “misinformation”. I could “tempt the dragon”, as it were, and try to see what I could slip past censorship on BN, but I tire of such games.

I choose not to take part in a world of censorship. Those who choose to go along with censorship, or worse yet to help enforce it, may be my friends, but they’re now “on the other side”.

I wish them well in what is to come.

So now – let’s get down to the business at hand.

The last fragrance that I registered as my “Scent Of The Day” – oddly at 11:26 AM on 11/26/2021 – was Aramis Havana. It is also the last fragrance that I distinctly smelled, before losing my sense of smell, yet again, to a coronavirus.

I can definitely say that this last case of anosmia was due to “COVID-19” as defined by “the authorities”, because multiple tests that THEY approved (more or less) say that it was. Beyond THAT, the science of the tests (some of which I ran myself) is personally convincing to me. SO – put another way – the medical establishment and I agree that I just had COVID-19.

Now – one of the real beauties of having this very well-confirmed case of COVID-19 in November 2021 is that it was almost exactly the same as whatever disease I had in January of 2020. In that case, I not only lost my sense of smell – I lost a very noticeable amount of lung function.

Sadly, my January 2020 case preceded the existence of both PCR and antigen tests, and even antibody testing was called “negative” (no value stated), when that became available to me, six months later. I was thus unable to “prove the patently obvious” in a world that demands even a bad test output over the soundest logic. Nevertheless, when one has a viral disease that matches the symptom checklist down to every last item, AND it leaves one with classic permanent damage matching the alleged new villain, it’s not exactly rocket science to make a simple clinical diagnosis like doctors have made for thousands of years.

If I was convinced BEFORE that the earlier case was COVID, I am now ten times as certain. With my “refresher”, I no longer have any doubt.

NOW – here is where things begin to get tricky.

I’m now pretty much over this latest bout of COVID-19. My fever has been gone for two days, and I’m fairly certain that the virus is gone, too. I will be testing that, too, shortly. But I’m essentially back to normal.

Other than the fact that – well – I cannot smell a damn thing.

I can hold a stinky bottle of juice right up to my nose, and I get NOTHING. At all. I can try to IMAGINE smelling something, and I can almost do it, but if I’m honest, which I am, then I call it what it is – indistinguishable from imagination. “Placebo effect notes.”

I can taste the basic tastes, such as salty, sweet, bitter and savory. I have a sense of capsaicins. I can enjoy “mouthfeel”. However, “flavor” as we normally know it – which depends on smell – is GONE, GONE, GONE.

And here’s where things get REALLY tricky.

Part of the reason I pulled through this “second” bout so admirably, is that I had a lot of TOOLS this time, which I lacked the first time.

The scientific literature is filled with excellent results indicating how to manage, limit, and otherwise TREAT COVID-19. Any scientist worth their OWN salt – any scientist who does not need an “authority” to interpret the literature for them – can read this stuff and come to logical conclusions.

There are many such scientists now, but you don’t see us unless you go looking for us. We practice “old school science” where we are not censored.

As a normal scientist, the way science was practiced until recently, I had my own views on whose work impressed me, and whose did not. Adding all my readings and opinions together, I came to an understanding of which drugs, therapies, and treatments worked – to what exact (or variable) degrees they worked, and even more importantly, WHY they worked – or did not work.

Based on well-considered thinking, and acquisition of all the necessary items, I was extremely well-prepared to treat myself, reacting to symptomatic observations as quickly as needed.

One of my tools was a drug now being studied in NIH-authorized clinical trials, and by independent doctors and researchers all over the planet.

The results which have poured in are excellent. They’re not miraculous, by any means, but still – the therapeutic margin on this drug is so huge, it allows a rather weak antiviral effect to be exploited with almost no risk to the patient.

And yet – BIZARRELY – talk about this drug is “forbidden” by media, social media, and even “news organizations”.

Doctors who talk about this drug are having their licenses threatened. Indeed, these same doctors cannot even question the efficacy of masks without having their licenses threatened.

Most cynical of all, my even SAYING any of this is regarded as “misinformation”.

“Nobody is being threatened! You can’t say that! It’s misinformation!”

Are you starting to sense a problem here? I sure hope you are.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I can’t smell fragrance anymore.

Based on my prior experience with COVID-19, it may be months – even up to 18 months – before I can smell again. At least, to where I can smell things and engage in meaningful conversation about what I’m smelling.

On the BRIGHT SIDE, until then, I won’t be able to smell gunpowder, burning buildings, jet fuel, dead bodies, smoldering tires, and all the other smells that are rapidly approaching.

So – there you have it.


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