I Smelled Bleu de Chanel Again!

I didn’t smell it very much, and I didn’t smell it for very long, but this morning, for the first time since some time before Thanksgiving, I actually smelled – in a faint but definite way – my Bleu de Chanel EdT.

My doctor has found my recovery from COVID (presumably delta) rather remarkable, and definitely atypical. Still, my sense of smell was completely lost.

I had lost my sense of taste, to a large degree, DURING this latest bout, but not for long. For a while, I felt no desire to eat or drink, with things either tasting strange (such as pure water) or not at all (just about everything else). However, as my fever vanished, around days 5-7, I was able to definitely sense TASTE as a separate sense, because the nuances of SMELL were utterly gone.

Thus, I could taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and “savory” on different parts of my tongue, and very noticeably. However, these were all very one-dimensional. “Savory” was definitely my favorite, followed by salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

It was certainly enough to get me to eat again. Combined with “mouthfeel”, and relief of hunger, food was enjoyable.

This matched what I had learned from a friend of mine, who suffered permanent anosmia in his youth. He loves to go to restaurants, and loves good food, but he does not experience much difference BETWEEN foods – not like most of us. Having vague memories of smell, he understands what he’s missing, but he simply doesn’t miss it that much, because he has essentially become a gourmet of what he DOES sense. He has to be careful around things like gasoline, which he cannot smell at all – he knows that he can’t sense the presence of even overwhelming vapors of things. Stinky cheeses, on the other hand, may be mild or flavorful in a taste sense, but cannot bother him by their smell.

Well, let’s talk about cheese. I got some cottage cheese as part of my “recovery groceries”, and while it was not as enjoyable as before, I found that I could add way too much salt and pepper and enjoy the spices as “salty” and “savory”. The “mild chalky taste” of fresh cottage cheese, however, wasn’t really there.

Last night, I had a bit of the same treat, but this time – WOW – I could have sworn I could actually taste MORE than just “salty” and “something”. I was tasting pepper AS pepper, and even something from the cottage cheese itself.

That meant SMELL was likely working again.

So – today, I decided to put on some fragrance, just to make sure I wasn’t stinking. I was ALMOST sure that I could smell my Bleu de Chanel deodorant stick, but when I sprayed on the EdT, I actually GOT the main accord. Not strongly, but enough that it was unmistakable.

Where this goes, I don’t know. But it’s probably someplace good.

In fact, I’ve got to run. I need to report my Scent of the Day!

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