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Sikkim Grlz

I don’t think that I understood the whole Lush / Gorilla Perfumes concept until yesterday.  That’s when I smelled one of their earlier entries – Sikkim Girls – for the first time. I was immediately transported back to a head-shop in … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Hinoki Oh

This post was inspired by the amazing and unique Comme des Garçons fragrance Monocle Scent One: Hinoki.  Everything you are about to read is true.  As determined by a secret court that you cannot question, using secret law that you … Continue reading

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Heterodoria iridum

Good irises come in pairs.  At least, it sure seems that way.  Two of my favorites are the matched Prada pair, Infusion d’Iris and Infusion d’Homme.  They’re even better in French – as member JaimeB taught us on Basenotes.  Most … Continue reading

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Who Put LSD In My SdV?

Ah, the beauty of the amide group – that little bit of organic chemical functionality that turns Element 6 with Valence 4 into beautiful things like Carl Sagans, who say BILLIONS AND BILLIONS until we sigh about the beauty of … Continue reading

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Musica Moderna

  File this under impressive feminines.  The one fragrance I really wanted to buy today, was the one which was not for sale.  But at least I got to smell it.  And it’s coming.  Probably like a tsunami, but it’s … Continue reading

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New York’s Finest

Day 1 of my “aroma  therapy” is simple.  Do anything that helps me fall back in love with fragrance.  Hence, this post. As I was going through my iPhoto collection last night, finding a picture that reminded me of things … Continue reading

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A Moment of Ecstasy, A Lifetime of…. Ecstasy!

Looking for something to do on a Black Friday morning, I can think of no choice better than what avails itself to me now – corrupting the youth.  If I hereby tempt good Socrates to pass the hemlock, then so … Continue reading

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