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Old Green / New Green

It’s quite nice to see Basenotes (that would be https://basenotes.net) finally getting the makeover Grant has wanted to do for so many years. I’ve helped alpha and beta test the new site (that would be https://basenotes.com), and it is quite … Continue reading

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I view the health of public discourse by an interesting metric.  Can I make a good-natured joke about Donald Trump in the fragrance world – one with deep knowing humor on many levels to all sides – and only minimally … Continue reading

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Cultural Capitalism: Fear and Loathing in the Perfume Aisle at Macy’s

….an abstract symphonic post, in which, by a Kansas tornado of antideconstuctive disestablishmentarianism, we consider the fragrant origins of Donald Trump’s cultural counter-insurgency, mostly by way of stream-of-subconsciousness, non-snob reviews of Trump’s two modern scents, Success and Empire. prelude When Donald Trump announced that … Continue reading

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CREED Universe

This post inspired by: CREED – Present at Creation – see announcement of discovery here. [QUOTE=heperd;2622874]Thanks man I appreciate that. Very appealing to haters is just what im going for. Actually though there is nothing funny about it. Im very serious … Continue reading

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