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Who Put LSD In My SdV?

Ah, the beauty of the amide group – that little bit of organic chemical functionality that turns Element 6 with Valence 4 into beautiful things like Carl Sagans, who say BILLIONS AND BILLIONS until we sigh about the beauty of … Continue reading

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Bandolero: Series 01, Episode 10

Note to Readers: Today I got my shipment of a mystery fragrance – Chandler Burr Untitled: S01E10.  This is surely one of the finest yet in the Untitled series.  And – if the immediacy of my reaction is any indication … Continue reading

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I’ve been taking part in the Chandler Burr Untitled series, in which participants are being asked to consider the artistry of various fragrances, independent of knowing what the fragrances actually are.  Nevertheless, the question of “what something is” echoes in … Continue reading

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Surfing with Science

This review of Chandler Burr Untitled Fragrance S01E02 is being brought to you by my beach bum alter-ego, who responds authentically to fragrance.   Perhaps a bit too authentically.  He exists primarily in the universe where I actually bought that chopper … Continue reading

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