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Diddy Sport: It’s 3AM and Time to Find a Daytime Fragrance for Summer 2017

I suppose that going from the Donald Trump fragrances to Sean John’s line is a bit like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, but what the heck.  Somebody has to tell the truth about Sean John 3AM (if not … Continue reading

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Four Dudes, a Classy Dame, and a Boozy Babe

….OTHERWISE known as Field Notes from Cowtown – this week’s ruberrific report on my spectacular sniffing experiences, out in the real world of designer fragrance, in the malls of flyover country. But first, a message from our sponsor’s required movie of … Continue reading

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Fixing a Broken CREED® Deodorant Stick

CREED®.  There are enough reasons to hate myself.  I certainly didn’t need CREED® fanboyism to be one of them.  But the fact is, if you love mainstream fragrances but want something novel, or you dig really out-of-style fragrances but don’t … Continue reading

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Film Noir

Part of being a perfumista – perhaps the most enjoyable part – is the unexpected.  Those little unanticipated discoveries – like going off on a rescue mission for nursing-home-bound CREED, and ending up with the latest Tom Ford.  But sometimes … Continue reading

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CREED Universe

[QUOTE=heperd;2622874]Thanks man I appreciate that. Very appealing to haters is just what im going for. Actually though there is nothing funny about it. Im very serious about defending and promoting, after all its what I get paid to do. Every … Continue reading

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Royal Oui: Thoughts on the Brave New (Natural) Perfumes

My first reaction to a perfume is always my most profound.  It is for this reason that I cherish the first sniff, and guard its moment jealously, like a miser. Sniffing Anya McCoy’s new Royal Lotus – [to steal Chandler … Continue reading

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