Old Green / New Green

It’s quite nice to see Basenotes (that would be https://basenotes.net) finally getting the makeover Grant has wanted to do for so many years. I’ve helped alpha and beta test the new site (that would be https://basenotes.com), and it is quite nice. I love the new shade of nearly fluorescent green that is replacing “old Basenotes green”. I didn’t save a copy of the updated site logo, but just on modernity of the bottle, it gets applause from me.

Here is “old green”:

The exact color varies, but it’s generally a flat, cooked-vegetable kind of green. The darkness or lightness varies a bit, but it’s never a really vibrant green.

The new green, in contrast, is shinier – more “emerald” than “old jade”.

It’s actually a bit brighter, shinier, and more day-glo than the old “Polo green”, but this may give you at least some idea of what it’s like.

Anyway, here is the deal. We are now locked out of BN while Grant transfers data to the new site. Many people on the site are quite nervous. Basenotes will likely be down for 48 hours or more.

Deep breaths, people.

We will get through this!


The new BN logo!

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